Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dress me up in your your love...

...all over my body from my head down to my to-oes...***

So I’m a two wedding bride. I’m a two wedding band bride. But will I be a two dress bride?

Going to Connecticut this March leaves me with only 4 months to find and order a gown. I’ll have to take this dress on a plane. I might spill something on it or step on it or fall in a giant mud puddle. These things happen to me when I’m wearing white. And I could get TWO dresses! Something delightfully retro with like a little pillbox hat and veil.

I’m SUPER excited about the photographer we’ll be having. It would be cool to have pictures in the ‘fancy’ dress. Also, it saves that much money not having to purchase a second dress. And finally, my hope is to find the perfect dress. You know what I mean, the dress that has me twirling in front of a mirror and giggling. Most women only have 1 day to wear that dress – I would get to wear it twice!
So I am leaning heavily towards trying to find the dress and wearing it both days. I just won’t eat the entire time it’s on lol. I’ll pack straws and an apron and bibs. :)

Here are the dresses I’m absolutely loving right now…

(From top left:)
  • Faviana Style 6395. I adore this dress. It's traditional yet whimsical and looks totally fun. And under THREE HUNDRED dollars. But the largest size is a 14. Which is not my size.

  • Rina di Montella Style RB2950. OMG. Heart stopping. Also 3,100 dollars. Which is not remotely within my budget.

  • Jacquelin Exclusive Style 9802. I'm not crazy about the sleeves. And I'd have to go to Savannah or Orlando to try one on. But the price is hovering around 1k which is closer to sanity. Still not fully certified as sane though.

  • Martina Liana Style 260. Also beautiful...I tagged this dress from a magazine ad. I notice though that it has a much fuller skirt than the other dresses I've favorited. I hate that the skirt comes off because I know I would never use it as a cocktail dress. I LOVE the lace bolero jacket.

  • Jacquelin Exclusive Style 9532. This dress is perfect stylistically for how I envision our wedding.

Now. Battling all common sense, these are the dresses that threaten to make me a 2 gown bride.

Argh they look so classicly elegant courthouse elopement. They SCREAM elopement. More than that, I can tell I would twirl for hours in these dresses. I would happily stand in front of a mirror and just swish my hips in these dresses. Especially the middle one.

So I don't know. I have to get into some bridal shops and start trying stuff on but I've been strangely reluctant. I'm anxious about having someone help me get dressed. And I know I'm supposed to be wearing the shoes and undergarments I plan to wear with the dress. If I have those things any time in the month before our wedding, I'll be shocked at my togetherness.

***Sidenote*** If I could, our reception would be a full-out Madonna-Rama. Nothing but Madonna all night long.

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  1. So I just happened upon this as i did an image search for "whimsical dresses" for my upcoming wedding...cant help but think you came from inside my thoughts exactly...even the size 14 plus thing...wonder how it all turned out as you posted this over a year ago.