Monday, May 25, 2009


Okay so today while we were out, I picked up two calligraphy pens. I don't really buy into calligraphy as being a 'MUST HAVE' buuut it's something simple and FREE that I can do to add a touch of luxe to our event. Commence serious practicing!

I think I need a book. I just ended up writing the names of everyone we plan to my normal old handwriting. I have to say that just adding the calligraphy pen to the mix seriously improved my handwriting though! I don't think I could do this if we were planning on sending out a lot of invites but for the 50 odd envelopes we'll send...I can do it.

I found that I kept misspelling my own last name. I never write in cursive except when scrawling my name hurriedly at the bank. So my last name goes pretty much like this "Keis-scribble+flourish". Sorta humbling to be so bad at writing my own name lol.

I looked over and this is what Elissa had 'practiced'. Maybe we'll DIY the invitations too? Um yeah...I think I've just been made Head Addresser. :)

This is what I wish my handwriting could look like. It just looks so light & an envelope of happiness has just been delivered your way.

It seems like most of the brides I've been reading are either doing labels or hiring someone to address their envelopes. But at $2 a pop - I think that might be more expensive than the invitations I hope to send out! Alas, letterpress is not for me...still figuring out what exactly will be but more on that later. :)

Anyone else trying to relearn their signature scrawl into an elegant loopy-de-loop?

***Just in case anyone else has the wherewithal for custom calligraphy, the one pictured is Betsy 2 by - lucky you! :)***

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