Monday, May 25, 2009

I hate Prop 8...

So tomorrow's the big day...the California Supreme Court is going to release their decision regarding the legality of Prop 8. At 9:30 am. Pacific Time. I'm going to go nuts. I can't help but be hopeful...buuut...I'm not feeling it's likely to be a positive decision.
Above is my post from November when Prop 8 was voted into effect. You can click it to read it. I'm sorta steeling myself to not be morose tomorrow. I take this very personally...who wouldn't? My personal philosophy can be summed up in a lot of ways as 'Be Nice.' And this is so strangely the opposite. People do things in the privacy of voting booths that they'd be ashamed to do directly to another human being.

Anyways, I'm sending positive thoughts toward California. I promise I am! I know it's already decided, whatever decision it may be...but still positive energy can only help. If nothing else, I hope the court recognizes the 18,000 marriages that took place before Prop 8 passed. Here's to equality...

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