Monday, June 1, 2009

The Almost-Proposal

So my ring was due into the shop on Friday BUUT we didn't have a chance to pick it up because the SECOND, I got home we went into whirlwind-mode with packing. We were going to Orlando - Whoohoo!

On Saturday, we went to Lake Eola to rent swan boats which has been a long held dream of mine. Swan Boats! Seriously - I thought they were only in like Vegas and cartoons. Well, we rented our little boat and I pulled out Flat Stanley.

My little cousin's kindergarten class is doing a project with a book character named Flat Stanley. Basically, it's a little boy who was flattened but realizes that isn't so bad because he can travel places in the mail now. They made Flat Stanley's and then sent them to family or friends who are out of town who can show Stanley a good time.

So anyways, I'm pulling out Flat Stanley to take his picture. Like so... When E got all testy and was like 'Would you put Flat Stanley away?' which I did but I was like ???. So we finished our little ride sans Stanley.

Well, I found out that she had run over and secretly picked up my ring on Saturday! On the drive home, I didn't realize she already had it and she asked me a general proposal 'envisionment' question. And I was like "oh I don't know - those swan boats are a cute idea!" She was like 'AHHHH.'

:O) I guess it just hadn't felt like the right moment since I was being goofy and not really picking up on any cues. In retrospect, we were naming our favorite memories together and everything. I totally get it!

But since it didn't feel right for her yet, I'm very glad she waited. I feel so happy that she secretly went and got the ring for me. It would have been a total surprise since I didn't even know she had it! It was such a sweet idea. I can't wait to see 'Proposal 2.0: Mission Accomplished'. :)

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