Thursday, June 25, 2009


I haven't posted in awhile...

I just got back from Puerto Rico. E was there for a conference and phoned me that she had a room to herself after all. 5 hours later, I was driving to Miami to make my flight the next morning at 6:30. :) Spontaneity like that is why I love E and us.

We had no idea I'd be going to Puerto Rico too or we might have tried for Proposal 3.0 lol. It's coming.

I'm still reading my wedding blogs all the time. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed now about the whole thing. A lot of my wedding planning is stymied by not really knowing how many guests we can expect to attend.

So anywhoo, being that it's a destination wedding, can we expect 20 people or 40? I want to invite my entire family but if only 20 people are going to be able to attend in the end...that's a very different venue option from 40.

We're both really clear on the sort of language semantics we want to use. Wedding. Marriage. You won't see the word 'union' anywhere near us. Which is crazy ironic because if this were a hetero-wedding, I know I'd be all over 'union'. I like the meaning of the word, the imagery...but I want to be crystal clear for everyone. We're having a wedding to celebrate our marriage. A big gay wedding for our big gay marriage. :)

I rented 'First Comes Love' from Netflix. It's a reality wedding planning show on LOGO hosted by Elvira Kurt. Loved the show. Loved some of the one-liners...especially from Mandy & Danika. Our favorite was that they didn't want any bastard children. Also awesome because these couples were like a few weeks out and had very little planned. :) This made me feel slightly ahead of the game lol.

Yeah so anyways, I haven't been posting blogs because for now, they'd be relatively boring 'non-planning' blogs. Where I'm just chatting about my anxieties about trying to plan something for an unknown number of people 1000 miles from my home.

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