Thursday, June 11, 2009


So Weekend 2.0 didn't really work out. We had gone back to Orlando for the weekend (we have disney tickets that are about to expire, that's why we keep going lol) but it turned into a family trip celebrating E's birthday. "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." We OWN that statement. :-)

And now it's all turned a bit silly - which is totally who are are as people. For instance, I'll be like toting laundry somewhere and scratching my butt and E will be like: "Now?" hehehe - love it! Or I'll be like "let's go somewhere romantic like Waffle House so I can propose to you..."

I've researched a LOT of bed and breakfast inn's in Connecticut & Vermont...nothing screams out at me. It's either a bit more than we want to spend, a super far drive for guests or really Victorian Burgundy in decor. I've decided Victorian Burgundy is better than Shaker empty though.

Now I'm kinda waiting for a few more weeks until we pull it together and can start announcing to family. Because I so want their thoughts. Is it reasonable to expect people to drive 5 hours? Would it be better to choose a place near an airport? Am I right in thinking summer time would be convenient? I know in the end that it's all up to us and people will try to come no matter what. But I don't really care. It's going to be just as complicated planning a destination in New Haven as Burlington to me.

So I'm just waiting...and doing little bits of research here and there. I recently discovered which I LOVE. I think it's kinda new because there aren't a plethora of articles but I've had a lot of fun going through the site.

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